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Welcome to the Free Premium Leeches List ! Read the guide section if you don't understand something. If you see anything wrong (typo, incorrect data, site down...) feel free to edit the page and update with correct data.

If you're looking for leeches of a specific site, use the index below to find the filehoster you're looking for. Please note that the services listed here are all available for free (either with or without registration), so if you don't like ads and want to use a paid service, check this page.

Free Premium Leeches - Lists by Filehost
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First of all, you may ask : what are Premium Leeches ? Here's a quote from ShmebulockJunior :

You see, there are these cyberlockers (file hosters) on the Internet that allow people to download, upload, and stream (videos) files. But a lot of these cyberlockers (Uploaded, Rapidgator, Uptobox) have a twist: they limit everything - from download speed, to amount of files you can download per 24 hours. In order to bypass those limits, you need to pay for a premium account. These premium accounts allow you to basically use the site much, much better than when you have a free account. They allow you to download at full speed, etc. But come on, who would want to pay for an overpriced service ? The sites listed here allow you to insert your link, which the site downloads to its servers, and finally spits out a link which you can download your file from like you have a premium account (full speed, resume support, multiple connections). Of course, you have to do something first, like, click through a bunch of ads, and at the end of the link chain is the "generated premium link".

The table columns are as the following :

  • Site : The site name and an URL to it.
  • Language : The languages the site is using.
  • Max File Size : Maximum size of a file you can download.
  • Bandwidth : How much data you can download (if not mentioned, it resets daily).
  • Max N° of Files : The number of files you can download in specific time.
  • N° of Ads/Link : How many link shorteners you have to go through before being able to download the file.
  • Requires Registration : Whether registration is required for downloading files or not.
  • CBox : CBoxes are a chat-like environment where you have to register, send your link and get back a generated one within a few minutes.

Other things you might not know :

  • Green text : This means that everything is fine and works with a minimal hassle.
  • Orange text : This means that something may not be working as intended, or it's halfway between good and bad.
  • Red text : This means that things are not working, or the site requires the user to do time-wasting tasks in order to access the leech.
  • N/A : This does NOT mean unlimited, but it means that the data in question is missing. You can help by gathering the missing data and adding it to the list.

Tip : the AdsBypasser script is highly recommended, as it allows bypassing the link shorteners that most of these sites are using.

Things To Do

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