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Welcome to the Premium Leech List ! Hopefully you will find here what you're looking for. Read the help section if you don't understand something. If you see something is wrong (typo, incorrect data, site down...) report it in the talk page or edit it yourself (see the guidelines first). If you want to suggest new things, use the Talk Page.

If you're looking for leeches of a specific site, use the index below.


The sites listed here are all usable for free, though some may have a premium tier. The table columns are as the following :

  • Site : The site name, which contains an URL to it.
  • Language : The languages the site is using.
  • Max File Size : Maximum size of a file you can download.
  • Bandwidth' : How much data you can download (it usually resets itself daily).
  • Max Downloadable Files : The number of files you can download in specific time.
  • Must Disable Adblocker : Whether you must disable your adblocker to access the site or not. This is tested with uBlock Origin.
  • Requires Registration : Whether registration is required for submitting links.
  • CBox : CBoxes are a chat-like environment where you have to register, send your link and get back a generated one within a few minutes.

Tip : the AdsBypasser script is highly recommended, as it allows bypassing the link shorteners that most of these sites are using.