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If you entered in this page, it means you want to help ! If so, thank you for keeping this project alive.

More Free Leeches

I found some more leeches, but i haven't added them yet due to missing data. If someone finds such data, i'll be glad to add these sites to the list.

  • 10-Download : Some sites claim this works with 1Fichier, Uploaded and UpToBox. Needs more details (requires disabling adblock)
  • : Does this just transload or does it use premium accounts ? Some sites claim it only works with MEGA. Needs testing.
  • Aku : Claims to work with an abnormally huge number of hosts. Needs testing.
  • CBoxProLeech : Buggy, "check sp" was recognized as a link and subsequently failed. Needs testing.
  • DailyLeech : This site seems to support an huge number of hosts and could be a great addition to the list. Sadly, the hoster list is only valid for premium users, so it's not possible to know which ones are available to free users and with what limits. I tried making an account, but there's no chatbox to write the "check sp" command in.
  • : People on the CBox claim some sites don't work. Needs testing.
  • DownloadPremium : This site treats free users as guests. The only available sites are Uploaded and UpToBox, no other data. Needs checking.
  • EBookEng : Admins are inactive so links are not leeched. Perhaps it should be removed ?
  • ECiusan : This site works every so often and seems to not have any premium accounts to download files. Needs checking.
  • FastServer : This site allows the same features for guests and registered users. Try registering and see what happens.
  • GeneratorLinkPremium : The hoster list on this site seems extremely outdated, the site is not convincing. Needs testing.
  • Get4All : This site also seems big. Sadly, there's no list of hosts, and i couldn't login once registered. Needs someone on the site.
  • GigaLeecher : This site hasn't a too good reputation on MultiHostersReview. Same goes for his friends. Needs testing.
  • H4xor (Mirror) : Claims to support over 1000 hosts, but the list leads to a 404, and the site is full of ads. Probably a scam.
  • HungryLeech : See above
  • KingOfDown : Hoster list is limited to sites. Needs more data.
  • Leech.AlemdarLeech : Not sure if this is the same as the CBox on the same site. Needs data to confirm/deny this.
  • : Are the sites listed working as premium or simple transload ? Needs testing.
  • : See GigaLeecher.
  • LinksVIP : Hoster list is not too accurate, "limited" is not enough, needs checking.
  • Mega-Debrit : Site is full of typos, not very convincing. Perhaps a scam ?
  • MultiLeech : Other than the odd language, i can't register to post the "check sp" command.
  • Oh.GetLink4You : "check sp" returned the following free hosts : 1Fichier,, Datafile, Easybytez, FBoom, and Uploaded (for this one the limit is confirmed to be 1,5GB).
  • PreLeech : Another site that supports a ton of filehosts. The details are scarce, needs checking.
  • PremiumToss : I'll add this to the list soon.
  • PremiumZen : Other than a bunch of file hoster logos and a broken hosts page, there's no data to put in the list. Needs testing.
  • SuperOnLeech : Not used since March, seems to be still working. Needs testing.
  • TurkDown : I'll add this one to the list soon, too.
  • TurkDown CBox : Needs data and/or confirmation that it's the same as the Debrid on the main list.
  • VinaLeech : "check sp" didn't work. Needs testing.
  • VingaBox : Hoster list only lists online/offline status. Needs more data.

HTTP Checks

While i will try to do my best to check every site, it's pretty much an impossible task for a single human (unless he has no life). For now, the easiest task is to HTTP Check the leech sites. This is much easier than you think. Simply copy and paste this list in a batch URL checking site (i'm using HTTPStatus) and wait for the results. Just make sure that the sites reporting errors are actually down, and check the redirects in case the domains get parked.


Do you want to take on the extremely long task of translating the main page ? Contact H1dd3nM1nd here. He will give you more tips to make the translation much faster, if you don't already know how to.