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Welcome to the File Hosting Wiki ! This site aims to provide the most complete lists related to file hosting sites, premium link generators and more, with (almost) daily updates.


  • Free Premium Leeches : The most comprehensive and up-to-date premium link generator list (currently) available ! It includes further data to let you choose the service that fits you most. All the services listed here are free.
  • Premium Leeches : Tired of ads and timers in free leeches ? This is the list that you're looking for.
  • File Hosts : If you're unsure which host to download from or upload to, this is the place to go. Checks are run everyday to make sure the sites are up.
  • Video Hosts : Same as above, just for video streaming sites.
  • Mirror Uploaders : Looking for more resilient downloads ? These sites allow uploading to many different hosts and at the same time protecting the download links from being taken down.
  • Premium Accounts : An alternative to premium leeches. The sites listed here make stolen premium accounts available to everyone. However, this method is not recommended, due to being potentially illegal and the accounts posted being short-lived.
  • Image Hosts : This won't be recreated, as no one cares about it. It may be readded, someday.

To do

So much stuff to do. First of all, the main task is to create the new pages and import the lists from the GitHub repo, while adding useful stats to them. Let H1dd3nM1nd create the main templates before doing anything. He'll do this as soon as he can, though school may force him offline. There's also the To Do category to see what's left to do in each page.