Torrent Leeches: Difference between revisions

*[ Happybox]
5GB free after signup.
*[ TransferCloud]
2GB free cache, supports remote upload to GDrive.
*[ Sonicbit]
4GB free, free accounts can't delete files (files will be deleted automatically in 24 hours)
*[ Multiup]
Free users can download torrent max 10GB. It also support Gdrive/other cloud storage upload. There’s a trick that can allow you to download torrent even when limit has been reached, just use inspect element and then change the submit button from disabled to enabled (I won’t teach you how to do this since I haven’t test this trick yet, I found this trick from a telegram group)
*[ Zap Torrent]
2GB free.
*[ Torrent MX]
Free users get 50GB quota/month, 30 torrents/month, and 2GB limit/torrent. It supports GDrive remote upload
*[ Gettorrent.Cloud]
Free users get 2GB storage, it supports seeding too.