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Welcome to the Free Premium Leeches List! Read the guide section if you need any explanation. If you find any mistake (typo, incorrect data, site dead...) feel free to edit the page. Due to massive amounts of vandalism, editing has been disabled indefinitely.

If you're looking for leeches of a specific site, use the index below to find the filehoster you're looking for.

Free Premium Leeches - Lists by Filehost
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First of all, you may ask : what are premium leeches?

Cyberlockers (file hosters) are sites that allow people to download, upload, and/or stream files. But a lot of them (Uploaded, Rapidgator and Uptobox to name a few) have a twist: they limit everything - from download speed, to the amount of files you can download per 24 hours. In order to bypass those restrictions, you need to pay for a premium account, which will let you use the site to its fullest (bigger upload space, downloads at full speed, etc.). The sites listed here will use their own premium accounts to download files on their server, and then spit out links, from which you can download those files as if you had a premium account (full speed, resume support, multiple connections). Due to these sites being free (or having a free tier), you'll likely have to click through a bunch of ad-supported links, and at the end of the link chain is the "generated premium link" (see the recommended software section).

The table columns are as following :

  • Site : The site name and an URL to it.
  • Max File Size : Maximum file size you can download.
  • Bandwidth : How much data you can download (usually daily).
  • Max N° of Files : The number of files you can download in a specific time.
  • Requires Registration : Whether registration is required for downloading files or not.
  • CBox : CBoxes are a chat-like environment where you have to register, send your link and get back a generated one within a few minutes.

Recommended Software

  • AdsBypasser: User script that lets you bypass most link shorteners.
  • Universal Bypass: Open-Source browser extension that bypasses most link shorteners automatically.
  • Buster: Solves reCAPTCHAs automatically through speech recognition.
  • uBlock Origin: Best ad-blocker around.
  • W.A.R Links Checker Premium: User script that checks the download links in a page and shows their status (alive, dead, premium only, etc.).
  • Actually using these plugins causes the websites that provide free services to be closed, because the sites that provide free services work with advertising revenue, you cause a decrease in advertising revenue by using these software, so no to these software to prevent free sites from closing.