Torrent Leeches

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If you know any website to leech torrents for free, Please share it using edit


Lifetime 2 GB free storage after signup. Torrent stays for 3 days. Only 1 active Torrent per free account. Daily reset.
It's basically a cloud service based on China. Phone number & e-mail both required for sign-up.
A huge amount of cached torrents, 1 TB space; but way too slow download speed for free. Also, you have to use their desktop client for downloading files over 250MB.
If you don't have invite code, you can sign up using Facebook. It says 1GB is max filesize for free users; but it works upto 2GB for "not cached" and unlimited for "already cached".
How it works is this.. When one user downloads a public torrent, it gets cached to furk's server. So, when a second user starts to download this same torrent, it shows the files immediately. These cached torrent files are available for everyone (free or premium) regardless of their filesize i.e. although a public torrent is of 150GB, it gets added to free users' download list if it's already cached.
This cached feature is also handy for old torrents. Let's say the indexing site says one particular torrent has 0 seeder & 0 leecher because it's quite old. There is a chance that this torrent is already cached and available for instant download.
The downside for free users is that it provides only 1GB/day bandwidth for downloading to your computer.

Go to your favourite search engine and type

1 GB file size limit. No signup.
3 link limit monthly, 10 GB file size limit. Free upon signup.
2.5 GB free after signup. You can get upto 7GB by referrals even for free account. Only one active Torrent per free account.
The free version has 1GB storage. 1 torrent per day limit.
2.5 GB free after signup. Torrent stays for 5 days. Only 2 active Torrent per free account.
5GB free after signup.
2GB free cache, supports remote upload to GDrive.
4GB free, free accounts can't delete files (files will be deleted automatically in 24 hours)
Free users can download torrent max 10GB. It also support Gdrive/other cloud storage upload. There’s a trick that can allow you to download torrent even when limit has been reached, just use inspect element and then change the submit button from disabled to enabled (I won’t teach you how to do this since I haven’t test this trick yet, I found this trick from a telegram group)
2GB free.
Free users get 50GB quota/month, 30 torrents/month, and 2GB limit/torrent. It supports GDrive remote upload
Free users get 2GB storage, it supports seeding too.